Hi, I was booting Xubuntu 13.04 this morning when I noticed that he blocked on the loading screen, so I pressed the Esc key to check what was wrong and I found out those 2 failed processes

starting lightDM Display Manager                          failed
starting send an event to indicate plymouth is up         failed

so I was wondering if there is a way to recover the boot or at least to get my data back (i have Xubuntu installed in a partition on my pc and the Desktop data are in the filesystem, I think)

chiesto 11 May '14, 11:18

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Hello @air, try to open the terminale with "Ctrl+alt+F1", insert username and password, then write:

sudo restart lightdm

now the login screen should appear.

If it doesn't, try to save your data with an Ubuntu LiveCd or LiveUsb (save your data on an external device).

However, I'm sorry but this is an italian support website, you should search support on AskUbuntu (an international sebsite of support).

Moreover, Xubuntu 13.04 is no longer supported! You have to move on a new supported version (14.04 LTS should be the best solution)

(11 May '14, 11:31) alevipri ♦♦ alevipri's gravatar image

@air: this is an italian language site, if you need help in english language, please go to http://askubuntu.com

(11 May '14, 12:19) enzotib ♦♦ enzotib's gravatar image
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