Hi everyone, I decided to approach the world of linux with ubuntu, but unfortunately it is not compatible with many of the games for windows. I tried to follow a guide to install League of Legends through lutris. The installation seems to have been successful, but I can't open the game: as soon as I open it it closes. I have searched in some forums but I have not yet found a solution to the problem. I ask for a hand to you. Thank you!

chiesto 16 Apr '20, 17:48

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ha risposto 18 Apr '20, 10:17

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Hi there! It's great to hear that you're exploring the world of Linux with Ubuntu. Unfortunately, you're right that many Windows games are not compatible with Linux. However, there are workarounds like Wine and Lutris that allow you to run some Windows games on Linux. Regarding your issue with League of Legends, it's possible that there are missing dependencies or other issues causing the game to crash. Have you tried running the girls games in compatibility mode or checking for updates to your graphics drivers? If you're still having trouble, I recommend posting your issue on the Ubuntu or Lutris forums. There may be other users who have experienced the same problem and can offer more specific solutions. Don't give up, and keep exploring the possibilities of Linux gaming!

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ha risposto 08 Sep, 09:45

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Have you tried with roms wii?

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ha risposto 15 Sep, 16:52

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